Segmentation of garment and accessories for fashion trend prediction and visual search

Switch from one labelling mission to another within the same team

The fashion business benefits from high volumes of data. However, how do you make the most of it?.

Heuritech, Visenze and Watiz use Ingedata’s fashion specialists to use all this data with a fast annotation pipeline ; and perfect their computer vision models.

These fashion companies use computer vision to develop visual search and trend prediction models. The key to success was the ability to switch image annotation missions within the same team ; including classification, tagging, multi-labeling and segmentation ; to achieve higher accuracy on all types of detections at the same time.

The team

Ingedata trained handpicked annotators who had interest in fashion at becoming extremely analytical. They are now fashion specialists.

While ensuring specific expertise in fashion, Ingedata ensured their fashion specialists were versatile enough to answer a variety of annotation missions.

Combined with close project management, we allowed our Clients to switch annotation missions and improve their models on several aspects at the same time. Our fashion specialists are able to work on accurate segmentation, classification, labelling and multi-tagging.


Achieving high productivity was key to reliably absorb the large volumes of data Fashion sector provides. Workflows, tools and best practices were adjusted to meet this challenge.

Today, every type of mission has its own Quality and Productivity KPIs, and task-specific production workflows. For example, the use of a mosaic viewer to classify images achieved higher results, while image by image analysis is required for accurate segmentation.

How do you make the difference among collar styles?

Being able to see the difference among female collar styles requires training. Being able to do it fast requires complete alignment between team expertise, workflow and annotation tools.

And when applied not only to collars but also to tops, cardigans, trousers and shoes, the challenge is in making the production process highly reliable.

This is what Ingedata achieved by working hand in hand with the clients and the fashion specialists, making sure that edge cases are perfectly understood and that tools in place perfectly support the team.