Our vision

Enabling artificial intelligence solutions to reach their full performance while allowing our team members to reach their full potential

Ingedata : Our vision

Data is the new oil and companies now understand the enormous value that can be extracted from big data, analytics and intelligence.

AI technology relies on massive and quality data to reach top performance.

In this context, Ingedata’s mission is toset up production teams with the right mix of skills and expertise, use state of the art, production processes and leverage best technology platformsto deliver quality at a competitive price.

Our client’s data is extremely valuable to us.This is why our teams work from our production centers and rigorously apply procedures to protect the confidentiality, security and ownership of data and to comply with regulations.

Our vision is to lead the industry developing best annotation practices and state of the art methods to annotate while enabling our team members to reach their full potential.

Founded in 2005, Ingedata’s production centresare located in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Our team of 500 employees have been serving more than 200 customers worldwide, ranging from start-ups to large corporations in a variety of sectors.