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How we work

Ingedata has developed Rhymes, its own production application and opted for a system which is hosted totally on the Cloud.

Our developers, methods specialists and ergonomists work continuously to perfect these tools, with constant improvement their sole aim.

A robust infrastructure and secure platforms support a pro-active approach aimed at responding to future regulations applying to data management.

A strategic human capital

We allocate dedicated teams to our clients, specifically qualified for the requirements of each project.

The performance of our personnel, from first degree graduates to engineers, is the result of the selective recruitment of highly qualified staff.

We stand out from the herd through our active policy of being attractive to the right people, supported by our ongoing training programme.

Case study Google Cloud Platform

In order to provide the best services to our clients, Ingedata’s IT infrastructure relies on Google Cloud Platform technologies. Learn more about Rhymes and how we use GCP.

A proven experience of production

Our expertise in the organisation of production
and the guarantee of quality is built upon methods that have been proven in the most demanding industrial sectors.



  • Analysis of client processes
  • Definition of sub-contracting requirements
  • Statement of targets
  • Preparation of schedule
  • Project costing


  • Drafting of project documentation
  • Positioning of technical solutions
  • Appointment of teams
  • Staff training
  • Management of change

Test Phase

  • Validation of production process
  • Validation of KPIs and calibration of targets
  • Fine tuning of communication procedures between the client and our production units


  • Project delivery
  • Monitoring of KPIs
  • Ongoing optimisation of the production process and associated tools
  • Project reporting and steering

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