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Data Preparation

Making AI training smarter

The human solution to your machine learning project.

Outsource your DATA preparation

With Ingedata, develop your
ML model from reliable data
acquired at low cost.

The quality of your data is instrumental in taking advantage of machine learning opportunities.

Save your resources and those of your data scientists to focus on your core business while we train your engines.

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Building datasets suited to your machine learning project.


Why trust us ?


Datasets tailored to your needs

Accelerate the development of your algorithm by relying on the data we prepare for you. Through data collection, enhancement and segmentation, we create datasets tailored to your model’s needs.

Our teams are trained in your own sector of activity

Let our expert teams process your data to ensure its quality. Ingedata’s AI trainers are engineering graduates with specific expertise in your business sector. All our teams work inhouse and are continuously trained in the field of machine learning.

Confidential management of your projects

Stay ahead of your competition by always knowing where and to whom you are sending your data. With Ingedata, your projects are delivered internally in our secure facilities.

Our autonomous production management will bring you peace of mind

You can rely on a dedicated Ingedata team to take over the project coordination workload, and to benefit from total flexibility as the project evolves with each training iteration.

Key areas of expertise


Each of our customers is unique.
For them, we are able to work with data that is highly varied in their nature and complexity.

Natural language

  • Content Crawling
  • Article Scraping
  • Cleaning and standardization
  • Contextualized segmentation

Images (photos and videos)

  • Trimming and cleaning
  • Segmentation
  • Localization
  • Annotation

Audio speech

  • Cleaning
  • Trimming
  • Tracking of words or sounds
  • Contextualized segmentation

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Ingedata, is a team of data enthusiasts with 12 years of experience and solid references in various industries.