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Training data for computer vision

The human solution to your machine learning project

Computer vision algorithms require massive, reliable and accurate image annotation.

Ingedata enables AI companies to focus on the development of their application while we provide them with the datasets they need.

They trust us

The right annotators for your project

Ingedata’s annotators teams segment and label massive amounts of complex images.

They are recruited because of their skills, then trained every day to produce highly reliable data and train sharper models.

One production oriented annotation platform

✓ Every tool in the box…
2D Bounding Box 3D Cuboid Landmark Annotation Polygon Line and Spline Semantic Segmentation.

✓ … and what it takes to make them work!
Performance optimization Quality control processes Real time visibility Training and talent management Direct communication with the customer.

Why Ingedata?

✓ Dedicated team
Rely on your fully dedicated teams. They’ll work as an extension of your inhouse resources.

✓ High quality datasets
Ensure reliable and accurate data thanks to our production processes and annotation tools.

✓ Autonomous management
Focus on what matters while we relieve you from the project coordination workload.

✓ Proactive compliance
Annotators work on premise and we meet or exceed all standard data regulations (GDPR, ISO 27001…).

Based on raw images, our scalable teams segment and label large and technical training set.

Ingedata’s ability to build up teams of expert domain annotators and our proprietary tools allow us to label highly specific classes with various shapes and nuances.

From semantic segmentation to cuboids, Ingedata powers every type of image recognition technology .

Speed up your computer vision project by securing the production of your datasets