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Every business needs, at one time or another, to carry out data enrichment work such as video coding. This is an essential step of the production process that goes into administrative costs.

Data entry and indexing, meanwhile, converts data stored on different media into an organized and systematic filing system. To accomplish this, data will have to be digitized in order to record them in a computer system via an input interface. The documents may be of different types:

  • Scanned documents obtained from original papers
  • Images containing data to be indexed (eg catalog)
  • Audio or video files

These processes are tedious and can take expensive and valuable manpower in your organization.

Ingedata has many years of experience in providing data entry services to many companies from a range of business sectors. Our understanding of data processing along with our established data integration system allows us to successfully implement and manage data entry or data enrichment projects.

We control the flow of data from the scanning through to the indexing, with guarantees in quality and efficiency. We have developed time-tested processes for the successful integration and organization of data that is applicable to different kinds of organizations and industries.

These solutions often involve a system of internal applications and identification methods that can be very specific and complex.

Because of their impact on the operation of the company, it is better to have a dedicated team handle the procedure. Create your offshore team within an established structure and secure a guarantee of the success of your outsourcing through Ingedata.

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As a one-time or recurring project, the processing rules and quality ratings are clearly defined prior to implementation.

For each order, the volumes are identified, with or without specific instructions, and delivery times are adjusted. Data is processed transparently, with necessary communication with the client, and in accordance with the commitments made.

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  • Entering data for a documentary of artists from the 15th century on behalf of a leading publishing company
  • Processing of data from questionnaires in relation to competitions among companies in all sectors (real estate, distribution, marketing agencies)
  • Processing of statistical surveys