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Geo-referenced data are increasingly used in enhancing web presence. Geocoding is the process of enriching a description of a location, most typically a postal address or place name, with geographical coordinates and facilitates spatial analysis using GIS and other similar systems.

On the web, geocoding is used in services like routing and local search. Image geocoding enhances SEO activities in addition to key words used in descriptions. The process of associating data to the graphics can be tedious and complex. This is where Ingedata expertise can assist you.

Ingedata has access to professionals experienced in geocoding.

Highly trained in using Geographic Information Systems, the Ingedata team has excellent understanding of image coding software and delivering them in formats necessary for the achievement of specific goals such as improved way finding, intelligent spatial analysis, and efficient customer service management.

For large volumes and regular requirements for image geocoding, having your own dedicated team offshore may be the best option. This service allows you full control over capacities and production schedules.

With our network and local contacts, we make it easy for you to organize a team suited and trained to your requirements.

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For the geo-referencing of data, particularly for validating the same characteristics, the project package may be a better option.

Ingedata’s teams are highly familiar with the step-by-step process of converting images into geographic coordinates in order to effectively and efficiently meet a client’s goals.

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  • Entering geo-referenced data on more than 100,000 surveys plans for a marketing agency
  • Geocoding worldwide retailers for a B2B platform