Management Team

  • Pierre Le Barbier, CEO, is a graduate of EDHEC and AIT, and has led many international manufacturing and service companies in Asia.
  • Tomy Gallois, Operations Director-Philippines, has 10 years experience in managing offshore teams (Mauritius, Madagascar, and Philippines). Always looking for new experiences overseas, he now runs the operational center of Ingedata in the Philippines.
  • Jerome de Guigné, Business Development Director, holds an Executive MBA from ESCP Europe. A graduate of the Grenoble School of Management, he has over 10 years experience in international business development.

Operational Departments

  • Production Department: Our teams of supervisors ensure the management of outsourcers’ teams. They ensure the smooth running of your project and the achievement of your goals of quality, productivity and time.
  • IT Service Department: Directs the development, maintenance, and evolution of our production management platform and ensures service availability of our infrastructure.
  • Recruitment and HR Service Department : Our HR teams are focused on recruiting the best talent in the Philippines and Madagascar. They provide training for these teams and put in place effective and efficient incentive systems.
  • Customer Service Department: From the start of your operations to its daily management, customer service will assist you in tracking your operations in Madagascar and the Philippines.

Outsourcers Profiles

Data entry operator

Traditionally, a Data Entry Operator conducts simple data recording using a computer. Today, beyond the ability to grasp data quickly, it is essential that Data Entry Operators are equipped with an understanding of the project’s goal, as well as the ability to assess and collect the most relevant data. As a result, recorded data is intelligent and integrated.


With the advanced algorithms working in today’s search engines, production of recurring content with high editorial quality is essential. This profile is very in demand not only in the web services (as SEO or website copywriter) but also in companies that communicate on various social media platforms (as article and expert content provider). The Editor is versatile and capable of performing a variety of tasks including research, copy writing, editing and rewriting articles.

Image Processing Operator

With a background in graphic design, this profile has mastered the techniques of basic image processing such as cropping or staging from source images. An Image Processing Operator is proficient in most software (such as Photoshop) and is mindful of customer specifications. Some of the older operators may be specialized in more technical treatments such as vectorization of plans using more complex programs such as AutoCAD.

Administrative Operator

This comprehensive profile combines the skill of the data input and control with rules of administration. These skills are applied on diverse processes that are critical to a business such as as payroll, accounting entries, recording of invoices, and supply chain monitoring, among others. A combination of commitment, consistency, and accuracy are of paramount importance to an Administrative Operator.

Data Integrator

This profile is particularly adapted to the activity of websites offering goods or services (i.e. e-commerce). This role ensures the reliability and timeliness of information accessible by users. This operator performs extensive web profiling to identify and validate product information searches. The Data Integrator can also make categorizations of related products traded on target sites as well as other types of specialized data such as legal notices or tenders in public procurement sectors.

Versatile Outsourcer

This profile is the most interesting because its capacities span a wide spectrum of tasks. The Versatile Outsourcer can perform all work for the five other previous profiles. Working with a Versatile Outsources is relevant in the context of performing jobs that require a wide variety of skills. This role is particularly useful to supplement a small or medium business team. As an auxiliary position, the Versatile Operator represents a good compromise between all the services offered.