Quality services anchored on your requirements

Ingedata offers you the opportunity to outsource part of your operations, temporarily or permanently, so you can focus on your core business.

Thanks to new technologies, the Ingedata Team will be available to you no matter which part of the world your company is located. Ingedata employs various specialized profiles from engineers, architects, IT-managers, and accountants, among others to professionally handle your organization’s requirements at the most affordable packages.

  • Ingedata defines its customer’s processing specifications, expected levels of productivity and quality objectives of the project.
  • A service dedicated to monitoring customer’s satisfaction with regular progress reports is made available.
  • Quality control points that ensure compliance with the standards defined for the project.
  • Equipes-Dédiées

Project Infrastructure

For processing a large volume of data or managing volatile data as a one-time or recurring task, Ingedata can assist you in identifying the specifics of the project from A to Z. We also provide technical and organizational know-how, in order to achieve your project’s goals.

Ingedata also has the capacity to select, recruit and train adequate operator profiles for specialized projects.

On the technical side, while some projects require the development of interfaces for specific treatments, Ingedata already has standardized platforms for different types of projects.


As part of the process-specific operations services, Ingedata’s commitments are:

  • On-time delivery
  • Quality outputs
  • Confidentiality
Performance indicators are defined on several levels and take into account the learning curve as well as the different parameters that can influence the achievement of the project goals.

Ingedata keeps regular contact with customer throughout the treatment, so as to communicate progress or provide relevant advice in order to optimize the various productions processes.


Fast Completion

Projects can be completed in a short time by bringing a maximum of resources

Mass Processing

Ideal for projects with a large volume of data.

Committed Delivery

Ingedata ensures compliance with commitments made under the contract.


Ingedata also commits to providing a high level quality of outputs


  • Creating and updating data sheets, in the technical field, for an international market platform
  • Indexing loyalty or marketing coupons
  • Categorization of fashion products on behalf of a B2B plateform.
  • Data entry and clerical work
  • Data entry for surveys and statistics
  • Geo-referencing of global resellers for a B2B platform in the field of architecture
  • Date integration for a leader in the provision of basic company information