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The recruitment process can be time-consuming and complex as it involves handling a large flow of data with hundreds of resumes and cover letters for a single recruitment. We, at Ingedata, can make it easy with years of experience in managing recruitment for clients. Our expertise includes compilation, categorization, and integration of applications in the company’s management systems and extends to the pre-selection of profiles.

Furthermore, our human resources management team has experience in handling essential data such as attendance, salaries, benefits, and trainings.

When data related to the recruitment process and human resources management come from various sources and need to be consolidated in the company information systems, this is where Ingedata can help you.

Ingedata has years of experience in preparing for recruitment partners. Preparations on site cover creation and maintenance of an extensive database of candidates as well as pre-qualification of relevant profiles that match a client’s requirements.

Similarly, Ingedata operators are specialized in human resources. Ingedata has a comprehensive and turnkey platform for recruitment and human resources management.

A dedicated and experienced team offshore that is well-versed in labor regulations is a significant asset. This service means low investment and high flexibility in the design of the team composition.

An exclusive recruitment & HR team is trained according to a client’s corporate culture and is therefore quicker to adapt to its business rules and internal procedures. Our managed professional service also allows quick implementation and safe transition.

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We offer process-specific services that supplement or complement tasks of your recruitment and human resources management team.

Whether for one-time or recurring tasks of processing large amounts of data, we can set up a team to deliver the finished work on time and in accordance with defined quality levels.

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  • Online monthly job postings on major recruitment platforms.
  • Verification and validation of completeness of personnel records on behalf of an international industrial group.
  • Search matching profiles on professional social networks on behalf of a recruitment agency.