To remain competitive in a globalized world, companies need to be able to focus on their core business. We know it is difficult to invest time and money in repetitive or highly-specialized tasks. Thus, we have developed a series of outsourced services, as well as offer dedicated teams for different kinds of projects in Madagascar and the Philippines. At Ingedata, we want you to make better profits through our outsourcing offers.

We take our role in outsourcing seriously; it is our core business. We want to make your life easier by taking over the ancillary tasks in your production. Our goal is to provide an efficient and flexible package that meets your outsourcing needs. As a matter of fact, while Ingedata has developed its reputation on conventional outsourcing such as data entry and indexing, the needs of our customers has led us to create more offers such as managed services with dedicated teams and specialized services. Our expertise now covers many areas from the entry, through HR services, to IT management, through various web solutions.

After leading international companies in Asia, I understand the need for businesses to improve productivity and to rethink the organization of operations. I was seduced by the economic dynamism of Madagascar and the Philippines, two countries with competent and motivated human resources and booming economies.

Building on Ingedata’s decade-long experience in executing successful projects, I aim to advance our vision of creating innovative offshore solutions that add real value to our clients’ brand, performance and organization.

Pierre Le Barbier


Our expertise

Ingedata is a leading outsourcing company with more than 10 years experience in this industry. We specialize in the creation, development, and management of offshore operations. Our services enable our customers to optimize their production processes and increase their sales potential.
Back-Office Solutions: data indexing, recruitment, finance and accounting
Web Services : integration of CMS into websites, content moderation, netlinking, content management
Image Processing : optimization and image processing, vectorization, data geocoding
Copywriting: product descriptions, blog articles or magazines


“Ingedata offers the two most successful destinations, to date, in English and French