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Besides great written content, the quality of images in any presentation is essential in brand building. Images, too, are often overlooked and underutilized assets for organic search results and search engine optimization.

For websites, optimized images also have an impact on SEO as well as a website’s loading time. Great quality of images can drive image-based search traffic to your site which is beneficial to your business. It is therefore imperative to have them professionally processed and optimized.

Image processing has been a central activity of Ingedata for several years now. The Ingedata team has handled projects from very different industries—automotive, fashion, food, and media— while maintaining high quality outputs.

For image SEO projects, Ingedata considers all factors of an image such as the URL structure, anchor text, and descriptive tagging, among others. Image quality and sizes are also taken into account to increase usability and shareability. You are therefore assured that images are optimized for the web and relevant to your brand.

For companies whose core business involves images, establishing an offshore dedicated team for optimization and clipping may be the most ideal option.

Furthermore, for sites with a regular stream of images for processing, having this service may be a more optimal solution.

Let Ingedata assist you in this endeavor. Ingedata’s experienced image management team will be of great assistance in conducting image processing training sessions and overseeing actual production.

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The Ingedata team is highly experienced in the many areas of image optimization and clipping to be better placed in search results, improve user experience, and even increase the chances of social sharing.

Projects are handled by a set of trained operators familiar with various techniques related with image optimization.

This type of solution is ideal for companies that require short lead times.

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  • Daily optimization of fashion and decorative products shots for B2B and B2C communication for online sales sites
  • Clipping and composition of images for an automotive company
  • Daily mass image processing for a marketing platform