Web Services


An attractive and SEO-friendly website is an essential tool for businesses today. A website that best represents an organization’s brand with good design, functionality, and great content is a cost-effective marketing strategy worth investing in.

Many constraints both in terms of editorial and graphical content should be studied and addressed to ensure its visibility on search engines. The ergonomic and structural interface for aesthetical appeal and easy navigation should also be taken into account. A website should ultimately be attractive and dynamic to encourage interaction with its visitors.

Ingedata offers turnkey solutions for web design and development.

Customer needs are analyzed and our Content Management System Specialists advise on the most appropriate choice among existing solutions.

We also have a team of designers for custom-designed platforms.

If you would like to hire your own team of developers offshore, Ingedata can help you. With our local experience and our network of contacts, we can recruit your web development team quickly and according to your own criteria.

As this dedicated team will be trained in your corporate culture and values, members will be able to assimilate and translate your specifications for a quality website that is faithful to your image.

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If you already have an existing website and are looking to add pages or just update information, Ingedata can do that for you.

While some websites require the development of interfaces for specific functions, Ingedata already has standardized CMS platforms for different types of projects.

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