ingedata infrastructures
The trays Ingedata production in Madagascar and the Philippines are located in luxury buildings with the following characteristics:

  • Location downtown
  • Exclusively professional use buildings
  • Open space of more than 800m²
  • Modular spaces
  • Training rooms
  • Air conditioning with emergency exit
ingedata infrastructures
Access to data is controlled in strict way:

  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Networks inaccessible without authorization
  • USB ports blocked on the entire IT infrastructure
  • Firewall to limit internet access whitelists or blacklists

Access to production plates is highly secure:

  • Fingerprint access or a badge for each employee
  • Surveillance 24h / 24, 7/7 entry and exit points
  • Tracking appointments and visitors with identity verification
ingedata infrastructures
Ingedata has a powerful network infrastructures:

  • Internet via two different ISPs fiber for reliable connectivity
  • Redundant application servers and data storage
  • Daily backup of data to ensure continuous availability