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Image vectorization is essential for accurately retrieving and digitally storing images in a form that allows handling without distortion. Vectors have various applications across different businesses, from logos, product photos, to industrial layout plans.

It is therefore essential to have these done professionally. We, at Ingedata, provide you with image processing expertise that includes vectorization.

Ingedata’s image processing experts have been converting files of different formats into vectors for various graphical applications.

Whether for storage or publication, our team has integral techniques that enhance and correct images for a variety of uses.

For large volumes and regular requirements for image vectorization, having your own dedicated team may be the best option. This service allows you full control over production capacities and turnover schedules.

We, at Ingedata, make it easy for you to have an offshore team fast.

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Following turnover performance and set quality targets, the Ingedata team can handle your image vectorization requirements.

With our field experience, we are able to provide vector files suitable to client specified uses such as for specialty printers, spot color separation, web use, and more.

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  • Recovery and vectorization of images for an industrial company
  • Vectorization of machinery and industrial designs on behalf of a B2B platform