Establish dedicated offshore teams fast

Ingedata is able to provide a customized package that allows you to have your own dedicated team in Madagascar and/or the Philippines. We help you recruit, we bring you advice and logistical support, but you remain in control.

We, at Ingedata, make it easy.

  • Ingedata, in consultation with the client, outlines the profiles corresponding to the various professions necessary for the contract.
  • The Recruitment team selects candidates that fit the required profiles.
  • The Human Resources Department trains the teams according to the customer’s standards, values and processes. An incentive system is also implemented.
  • The Project Managers provide the link between the client and its teams.
  • Equipes-Dédiées


While the client provides the goals and retains control over its dedicated team, a set of internal supervisors monitors that the outputs are at par with set standards.

These supervisors manage the physical environment of the team and ensure that work rules established by Ingedata and the client are met. They also provide performance incentives, in consultation with the client, to motivate the team.

The managers are oriented on a client’s standards, values and processes so that the dedicated teams in Madagascar and/or the Philippines are true extensions of the client’s business.


With our local experience and our network of contacts, we can recruit your team quickly and according to your own criteria.

With its 10 years of experience, Ingedata has implemented an effective identification process for each profile:

  • Candidates are short-listed based on key requirements
  • Comprehensive tests for the types of tasks for each profile
  • Face-to-face interviews to validate communication skills and candidate’s motivation
Each selected candidate participates in a series of trainings on methodologies associated with each profile. Only those who pass the trainings become part of team.

Project Infrastructure

For each operator of a dedicated team, Ingedata provides:

  • An exclusive position in a production facility
  • A fully equipped work station in line with the requirements of the project
  • Necessary software for processing projects and communication with the customer
  • Fully secured and integrated network connectivity

Support Services

This package includes the necessary resource management services support such as:

  • A Recruitment/HR team responsible for compliance with policies (internal and client-provided) and creation of activities/incentives for team motivation
  • Technical support that plays an advisory role in the set up and maintains the workstations during the contract period
  • Customer service assists a client in tracking team operations
  • A supervisor who monitors the performance of each team and communicates with the client


Fast and easy installation

A modern, existing infrastructure and a large pool of qualified profiles

Reduced investment cost

New base with minimal or no investment cost

Designed for flexibility

Quickly adjust the size of the team depending on your growth

Expert Counsel

With our experience, smooth transition and efficient operations


  • Legal data and integration into the internal control system of the platform used by major French banks
  • Creating and updating content for e-commerce sites (writing, categorization, image processing) for a large online shop
  • Entering purchase invoices in the ERP system, a platform for procurement outsourcing
  • Management of the back-office system for order tracking of online retail websites
  • Pre and post sales customer relationship management (live chat animation, and mail management, among others)
  • Content Management of blogs and other channels as part of an online reputation management program for a digital strategy agency