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A website’s content must be complete, reliable, and organized. Online content must also be consistent with the rules of SEO. More than just a showcase for a business, a website needs to be dynamic and offer relevant content. It should:

  • Support search for information
  • Build on the e-reputation of the brand it represents
  • Facilitate conversion of visitors into customers and prospects

Information must be current and relevant to the user, especially for e-commerce sites where customer transactions are expected. It is therefore important to manage your website content to facilitate achievement of these objectives. Let Ingedata’s back-office web management experts show you how.

Ingedata has several clients from varied sectors in need of content management: industrial, medical, software, and fashion, among others. We are able to deliver a back-office management system that addresses your goals. Our experience covers:

  • Research and validation to supplement available information
  • Image processing and integration
  • Data sheet creation and integration
  • Back-end data integration and organization
  • Updating CRM information for promotions

Ingedata allows you to have your own dedicated team to create and integrate a content management system that suits your needs. Whether in Madagascar and/or the Philippines, we help you recruit, we bring you advice and logistical support, but you remain in control.

Having exclusive operators that are not only able to control and monitor the content management tools of your site but are also fully aware of your corporate culture mean fast implementation, low investment, and high flexibility.

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With our experience in handling online content, the Ingedata team can handle your back-office with ready-made, back-end systems. We are also able to customize components to better fit your requirements.

Whether for one-time or recurring needs to process large amounts of data, we can set up an experienced team to deliver the work on time and in accordance with the set quality standards.

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  • Creation and updating of more than 40,000 data sheets per month on a global market place
  • Data collection and creation of over 2,000 texts (in French and English) per month on a community portal counting 70,000 visitors per month on average
  • Rewriting of more than 4,000 texts in 2 weeks for the SEO optimization of a site