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Content can combine copy, images, and videos into a comprehensive presentation of a concept or an idea. Copy takes a central part of it as it can contain the bulk of the keywords that are essential to SEO.

Copy can take many forms such as a headline, tagline, as well as interrelated stories. Copywriting is therefore an essential skill in content production.

Content, too, can include images and videos that not only complement the written copy but improve the site’s SEO performance. It is therefore imperative that content production is well-thought out in order to effectively present a product, idea or service. It should also be engaging enough to encourage readers to interact with it.

Ingedata has extensive experience in copywriting and content creation for various product and service categories for different platforms.

From blog entries that link to associated sites, to data sheets for merchant sites, Ingedata’s content production expertise covers a wide range of articles, with and without images, with and without videos, made for various industries.

Our content production services enhance the target site’s performance in terms of communicating with the user while adhering to the rules of SEO.

To maintain relevant and compelling content, organizing a team to exclusively write/create content for you may be the best solution. This service allows you full control over capacities and production schedules.

With our network and local contacts, we make it easy for you to organize a team of content producers suited and trained to your requirements.

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The Ingedata team is highly experienced in the various aspects of copywriting and content production to be better placed in search results, improve user experience, and even increase the chances of social sharing.

Projects are handled by a set of trained copywriters and content producers familiar with various techniques to create relevant and quality content fast. This type of solution is ideal for companies that require short lead times.

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  • Writing over 5,000 articles to post on various blogs with targeted links to a multi-sector product site
  • Writing articles on a daily basis on the benefits of a specifc software to feed a dedicated community site