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Transcription is the retrieval of information from audio or video recordings to make them usable in the context of a text search.

The challenge of this type of project is to transcribe the data by remaining faithful to the original content while meeting to customer specifications. Indeed, some projects require a contextual approach, while others must be transcribed exactly.

This type of service is particularly applicable to the conference records, boards, land surveys, and videos posted on the web among others.

The audio transcription requires significant expertise because of the variety of content and quality of soundtracks or videos.

Having completed numerous projects in this field, Ingedata has the necessary transcription processes and associated tools for this service. Depending on the information’s level of criticality, transcription can be performed in a single entry or multiple entries.

Operators assigned to this type of project are familiar with the subject and transcribe recordings following prior training on the rules of syntax and typographical context.

Having a dedicated offshore team that has experience in the many issues of transcribing data, you are guaranteed to have the perfect solution to meet your needs, fast.

This service allows for quick implementation, low investment, and high flexibility in the design of the team composition.

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Whether for one-time or recurring transcription projects, specially of large amounts of audio or video in various formats, we can set up a team to deliver the finished work on time and in accordance with defined quality levels.

Ingedata employs various profiles to professionally handle any organization’s basic audio or video transcription requirements. Ingedata also has the capacity to select, recruit, and train adequate operator profiles for specialized transcription projects at the most affordable packages.

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