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The management of financial information within an organization follows strict rules. These constraints are particularly important because the company operates in a strictly regulated environment. In addition, this information is used to assess the real financial situation of the company.

Accounting is responsible for all this financial information. Many accounting tasks are particularly time-consuming. This is where Ingedata comes in. Many organizations have chosen to successfully outsource a portion of these accounting processes to us.

Ingedata has been dealing with this type of sensitive data for years and is able to offer its pool of experts in the field of Finance and Accounting to meet your needs.

We take great care in training your future employees with mastering of accounting tools and standard software. They can then familiarize themselves with and adapt to your processes and specific management requirements.

We offer you a dedicated team of skilled and experienced operators in the field of Accounting and Finance to effectively and efficiently meet your financial deadlines.

This business model is ideal given the confidentiality associated with thess types of projects.

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We offer process-specific services that respond to gaps in your present accounting and finance system.

Whether for one-time or recurring tasks of processing large amounts of data, we can set up a team to deliver the finished work on time and in accordance with defined quality levels.

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  • Data entry of supplier invoices in an industrial client’s system
  • Qualifying entries and accounting data on tax-free coupons in a client’s system