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Outsourcing as a business solution allows optimization of production costs or services. Ingedata’s services allow you to build a team suitable to your organization’s requirements, with a wide range of skills, and at an unbeatable price.


Madagascar is the leading offshore destination for the French market outsourcing. The country has several key resources to your business’ advantage: a young, French speaking workforce, composed of experienced graduates and professionals trained in data processing and information technology.


A favorite destination for English-speaking outsourcing, the Philippines is one of the most dynamic economies in Asia. With infrastructure substantially similar to those of Western countries and with a highly educated and skilled labor force, it is perfectly suited to the needs of modern businesses, whatever the sector.

Our Offers

“Outsourcing services of Ingedata are designed to facilitate and improve the most critical work of its customers. Custom solutions allow our client to focus on their core business, while benefiting from a reduction in its overall operational costs. ”

Ingedata supports administrative tasks, whether simple or complex (accounting, human resources) directly on the client interfaces, and/or processes digital data to make it usable:
> Recruitment and Human Resources
> Accounting and Finance
> Transcription
> Video coding, data entry, data indexing
Ingedata manages your online presence by creating and updating your web content in order to optimize it for the search engines, as well as moderating the information on your website, blogs and other linked media:
> Web development
> Optimization on search engines (SEO, netlinking)
> Content moderation
> Back-office web management

The Ingedata team can edit and trim images to your specifications, turn technical drawings and other important documents into vectors, as well as geocoding.
> Vectorization
> Geocoding
> Optimization and clipping
Creating unique content for print and digital publications has become a major challenge for every company regardless of its sphere of activity, whether digital or not. Companies now need to produce content on a regular basis, for SEO optimization or simply to maintain a certain image on social networks.
> Write / Rewrite text into a SEO-friendly format
> Composition of relevant articles (blogs, e-zines)

Our Services

“Ingedata offers a range of integrated services and ensures optimum flexibility, with up to 75% savings on your current costs and the daily support of its skilled workforce. Our dedicated resource centers offer a range of skills that are unavailable or too costly onshore.”